Our Services

Underwriting & Processing

Loan Structuring and Eligibility

We work with lenders before the loan is approved internally to ensure it meets all of the requirements of the SBA 7(a) loan program. Working with an experienced partner gives lenders the assurance of knowing their loan is eligible and structured properly for SBA 7(a) financing before they take it to loan committee.

Loan Packaging

We work with the lender and the borrower to obtain all of the documentation required to complete the SBA 7(a) loan application package. This streamlines the SBA approval process and allows lenders to focus on other responsibilities.



Loan Closing

Once the loan is approved, we work with the lender to ensure all of the requirements of the SBA Authorization and the current SBA SOP are met before the loan is closed. After closing, we perform a detailed post-closing review to ensure the loan was closed and disbursed in accordance with the Authorization and the current SBA SOP.

Secondary Market Sales

We assist lenders in selling the guaranteed portion of the loan to the secondary market. We prepare bid sheets and submit the loan to a minimum of six investors to ensure you get the best premium available.


Servicing & Liquidation

Loan Servicing

We assist lenders in the servicing of their SBA 7(a) loans to ensure the loan stays in compliance throughout the life of the loan and the SBA guarantee remains intact.

Loan File Review

We review existing SBA 7(a) loan portfolios for adherence to SBA program compliance based on SBA regulations applicable at the time of loan approval and/or closing.

Loan Liquidation/Guarantee Purchase

We assist lenders in following the necessary steps required to properly handle SBA 7(a) loans that go into default and liquidation. We obtain all of the documentation required to complete the SBA guarantee purchase package.





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